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Client testimonials

Emily & Milo

Myself and milo were definitely not working as a team and struggling with lots of aspects of training. the main concern for me was milo’s reactiveness to other dogs. from my first visit to natasha i felt comfortable and loved her style of training. she slowly introduced milo to all kinds of dogs to help him feel more comfortable, housed him for over a month for me while I was away and continues to teach me how to work with my dog and how to get the best out of him. she provides great training instruction both in lessons and over the phone between sessions. milo’s gundog work has also come on leaps and bounds, he has gone from spitting a dummy and having very little drive to being focused, hunting for dummies, holding them and now loves his gundog sessions. i couldn’t recommend tasha more!

Jen & Elba

Our 6 month old vizsla went to stay with Tash at Wildnook Gundogs for 3 weeks for her puppy residential training. Tash worked with our dog to nurture her necessary ‘family dog’ temperament but also bring out her obedience and foundational manners ahead of her picking up work. When we collected her, she was still our loving docile family dog, but had been worked into a beautiful hybrid of family dog with impeccable manners, walking to heel without fault, recall and some basic retrieval. We were really pleased as a family unit with our pup! 
I feel this initial stage was somewhat imperative to the next steps of her more formal training, as not only is Wildnook now a ‘home-from-home’ so they can hit the ground running next time, but Elba has a strong foundational understanding of her role and place in the pack hopefully avoiding any bad habits! 
I was kept up to date with exactly what training Tash was carrying out and how well the dog was doing and never felt necessary to request for further information. I recommend Wildnook without reservation!

Rebecca & Hugo

When we were first recommended to Tasha, Hugo was only one and my first dog. I had no experience and was very nervous both for my dog but more me! I wanted  a working cocker spaniel because that’s exactly what I wanted him to do, yet was very uncertain if we could do it.  Nine months on I cannot believe how far Hugo and I have come. Tasha has guided us with her unrivalled and invaluable knowledge, support and guidance. 
I am confident in handling my dog both in a working and normal day to day capacity. Hugo has continued to surprise me and make me proud with Tashas training. We are a month away from Hugo’s first shoot and I can’t believe how far we have come. Most of all Hugo absolutely loves and adores her, sometimes I think more than me! 
Tasha has helped me realised that Hugo is doing exactly what he was born to do as it quite simply is in him. The loveliest thing throughout all our time at wildnook is that Iv found it’s also in me…. And that is all down to Tasha. 
Incredibly grateful for all we have achieved together but excited for many more years to come working & training with Wildnook. Couldn’t recommend more.

Sophie & dora

I first met Tasha earlier in the year when I had hit a brick wall with my training with Dora and was really struggling, feeling it was my fault and I was useless. 
Tasha was recommended through a good friend, I was very nervous on my way to my first session worried I would be useless but straight away she put me at ease being such a kind welcoming person! 
Over the past few months Tasha has brought on not just Dora but myself and the way I am handling both Dora and my other dogs and given me so much more confidence and made me feel that I’m actually not that useless! 
When I produced Dora’s problems to Tasha I felt I was never going to get to where I wanted to be but the positive person she is she knew we could, we took things right back to basics and had to make things fun for her again which really has worked and things have really started to drop into place! 
Tasha isn’t just a support when we are at training sessions it the messages when you update her or silly questions you feel you ask her, nothing is a bother! And I’m so excited to keep training my current dogs and future dogs with Tasha in the coming years

David, amanda & jasper

Jasper, our 18 month old springer spaniel, pulled like crazy on the lead and absconded when off it. This was not how it was meant to be!  And after three dog trainers and little progress we began to have doubts that either he was not the right dog for us, or we were not the right owners for him. We decided to do something different and following a call to Natasha at Wildnook, we booked Jasper onto a 4 week residential course. Whilst we were waiting for our slot we had several 1-2-1’s. The result from the 1-2-1’s and the residential has proved that Natasha was the trainer we needed from day one! Jasper is now becoming the dog we always wanted and we also now understand what we need to do as she trains us as much, if not more, than the dog. He walks so much better on the lead, and we are growing in confidence  that he will now consistently check in and recall when off the lead. 
Probably the point that illustrates best our faith in Natasha is the fact that we drive an hour and 20 minutes in each direction to get to training. 

Tamsin & Molly

In 2021, I was struggling with my 1 year old dog, Molly – a springador with lots of go and poor recall.
I found myself selecting walks that would cause as few problems as possible, like distractions and scent to chase game.
A mutual friend recommended I reach out to Tasha. Tasha was so approachable. From our first phone call and throughout our one to one training sessions, Tasha listened to our problems, observed Molly in various settings and importantly taught ME how to approach and deal with certain scenarios.
I started our journey with very little confidence, but seeing Molly now compared to less than a year ago (in one to one and group training sessions, as well as out and about on our daily walks and on shoot days), I’m just so much more confident in handling her, and Molly has transformed – she has manners, she walks to heel, her recall has significantly improved, and she’s retrieving well.
I literally get a buzz from every training session with Tasha. I wish I could bottle her and have her present with us always. BUT what I’ve learnt from Tasha carries us forward and I can’t wait to see how far Tasha can help develop Molly and I as a team.
I have learnt life long skills that will apply to any dog I own, and I can’t thank Tasha enough for her encouragement and guidance.