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Wildnook Gundogs

May – queen of the team

Labrador retriever bitch – DOB: 01/05/2011

I had May given to me by my old boss to train up when he first offered me my gundog training position and when it came to selling her, I couldn’t part with her and bought her off him myself. She’s my absolute soul mate. The product of all my mistakes and the reason I love what I do so much. She’s the perfect all rounder – the most chilled out pet, but out in the field her hunting drive and work ethic is second to none! She’s been a great nanny dog to all, and is now our eldest team member.

Tilly – the dream dog

English springer spaniel bitch – DOB: 02/06/2018

I knew once I started my own team that the first dog I would purchase would be a liver and white springer. I’m so proud to have had Tilly start our springers. With impressive lines, and a heart of gold, I couldn’t be without this girls determination out in the field. There’s not a day that goes by that I leave her behind as she is invaluable whether picking up, walked up shooting or standing on the peg. She’s also got the sweetest nature, and will cuddle all day long.

Jake – The most loyal boy

labrador retriever dog – dob: 03/06/2018

jake is nephew to Berry, who we sadly lost in 2020. She was Chris’ old and faithful, and was his shooting companion through his teenage years and keepering career until she sadly passed. Jake joined us as we knew we needed a part of Berry with us always, and he definitely carries that with him. He’s the most loyal boy, always working with you. So much so that despite being trained for the picking up field only, he has now started to be trained to trial at four years old, and gained an impressive 5th out of 38 on his first ever working test with minimal preparation! He just wants to please and make you happy.

ada – if the team has a joker

hungarian wirehaired viszla bitch – dob: 03/01/2019

Ada has character in abundance. She makes everyone laugh, as her humanised nature is contagious and (mostly) enjoyable to be around. Ada definitely tests patience in training as she definitely needs to be shown what’s in it for her and gets bored of training for trainings sake. Out in the field there’s no stopping her however, this is where she’s happy! She has an incredible nose and Chris swears he’s never seen a dog find birds the way she does. She is Chris’ favourite and go to dog! He’d never bring in the grouse beating line without her by his side

Thor – a dog with serious drive

labrador retriever dog – dob: 27/06/2020

Brought into the team to trial, Thor really is a special boy. we trained his mum and saw something special in her from day one, knowing straight away that her offspring was to join the Wildnook team one day. Thors drive is like no other. He really does live for training and working. He competed in one puppy test at 10 months old placing 5th with scores of 18 and 19/20 before a week later sadly having a very serious injury. After being told he would likely lose his leg, Thor fought on for 5 months and proved everyone wrong! He runs now with a slight limp and loss of two toes, but his leg intact! He’s back out in the field and although he hasn’t yet competed, is back in training to hopefully try his hand at field trials. 

idun – golden girl

golden retriever bitch – dob: 27/08/2020

This dog can do no wrong. She looks innocent as ever and will happily sit beside you all day long doing nothing if you so wished. The easiest, happiest little dog you’ve ever met. Nicknamed our ‘Disney’ dog by a Wildnook puppy owner as she really is perfection. Dont be fooled by the calm nature, when her instincts kick in and the gundog work starts she’s also a star! Again, a dog that is never left at home because she’s just too invaluable to have on a days shooting. 

colonel – little dude

english springer spaniel dog – dob: 31/01/2021

When we had our first litter from Tilly we were always going to keep a girl… until this fella was born and we were drawn to him straight away! We ended up keeping two because we just couldn’t part with him and our instincts proved true because he is the best little gentleman we could’ve wished for and a fine example of how a strong, springer spaniel should be. He is a little gem in the field, works away constantly and consistently, although still young and is such an easy dog to have around. Regularly complimented for being ‘such a dude’ – he’s a strong favourite all round!

oak – like butter wouldn’t melt

english springer spaniel bitch – dob: 31/01/2021

Oak has such an angelic look about her, is of such a sweet nature and has a lot of love to give always, however her drive is impeccable. She’s none stop with a very determined attitude to work. Again, she’s still young but competes with the older, more experienced dogs well and really tries hard to hold her own out in the field. 

Alka – our baby viz

hungarian wirehaired viszla bitch – dob: 01/07/2021

Alka is the youngest of the team currently and just working through her first introductory shooting season. She is just like her mother, being true to the Wirehaired Viszla nature, and is full of character. She’s a pretty easy going dog, and has been a pleasure to train. She seems to have a good head on her so far and shows a lot of willingness to train, work and learn. She’s everyone’s best friend and always welcomes our training clients with open arms.